Monday, March 24, 2008

the best-laid plans of mice and men

often go awry.

or in south dakota they go to the wind. so much for my first outside bike ride today. 25-35 mph winds turn me off.

it looks like FAB is going to have a great year two. lots of rides. fabrad will have catering and a band. a time trial series. a M.U.S.T. ride, coffee, donuts, a spring kickoff on april 26 and 27. oops, did i let the cat out of the bag ;-) and tez is a member this year! what more could we ask for?


Briman said...

While I was feeding the kids at 6:30 or so, I looked out and the wind had died down a bit. Hopped on the 925 for a tidy ten miles down to the bike trail - just enough to stretch the legs and get back in time to tuck in the boys.
My efforts were rewarded - I flushed up five whitetails along Southeastern Avenue. They bounded ahead of me between the trail and the railroad tracks, then cut up across the trail and Southeastern to someone's yard at Old Orchard Trail. They were close enough that I could hear their hooves skittering on the asphalt. Cool!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya kErnEl, I didn't go out either and that's a decision I will probably regret for the rest of the week. It was 70 in Rapid today. I will be there this Wednesday just in time for the sleet/freezing rain/snow they are forcasting for Wed. and of course, the same thing Thursday on the drive home. Spring is unsprung.
Unless yer Briman. ;)

CDV said...

I went out for a quick 15 miles after work, riding into the wind SUCKED, but the ride home was sweet. I figure the worst conditions outside are still better than the trainer