Wednesday, March 26, 2008

friday night update

we'll go to monk's when the bowling is finished.

i'm not going bowling, but maybe someone will call and tell us when they're done?

too much loafing and paperwork this week.

i work part-time at eros and we've gone through a contract negotiation. so now i have to apply for my job with the new company which was my old company about 8 months ago.

ah - federal government in action.


Snakebite said...

Party starts at Monk's at 9 PM - it's on the internets so it's true, fact, and happening.

Briman said...

We had a very nice night at Monk's, it was great to see Crystal and everyone again, (1) Nostradamus and (1) Monk's Holy Gr'ale set the mood just right AND I got to show-n-tell some the the City Billy goodies. The kErnEl should've been there!

thE_kErnEl said...

wish i could have been

Spoke-N-Sport said...

I wish they would have had MD on tap. Then I would have been there.

Snakebite said...

MD = Mad Dog 20/20.