Sunday, March 2, 2008

still standing

tonight was the first night i've ridden the trainer and stood on the pedals w/o feeling any pain. still, i rode gingerly (insert joke here).

the image is a preview of the official RiDe WiTH thE kErnEl dAy.

if you'd like to ride like a BiLLy then join thE kErnEl on the Tour de Kota. June 11th from Highmore to Huron.

the ride will not begin before 8:30, nor after 12 noon.

warning: riders participate at their own risk


SD_pedalpower said...

The Kernel ride sounds a bit scary. We need more details.

Hooterville Mayor said...

I don't know about scary so much as "how the heck does one ride like a BiLLy?"
I spose we have to ride with the kErnEl to find out?

thE_kErnEl said...

to ride like a BiLLY, you need to stop for adult beverages in every town.